21 5 / 2013

Help me with my research and win a new Google Nexus 4 phone

Dear KDE developers,

My name is Andreas Schilling. I am a research assistant at the chair of Information Systems and Services at Bamberg University. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me some quick feedback regarding your motivation and your experiences in KDE. Could you please fill in a short questionnaire of multiple-choice questions? This will take you no longer than 10 minutes.

From all survey participants who answered all questions, a randomly picked person will win the current Google Nexus 4 phone.

This survey follows my previous work surveying KDE participants in the Google Summer of Code. In my research I examine factors that keep developers motivated and committed in their open-source projects. Because the best way to find out about these factors is to directly ask the people who are concerned, I revert to you. As soon as I finish my research, I will publish a blog post with the anonymous aggregated results of this survey, and I will compare them with the results of other surveys with KDE developers such as with previous participants of Google Summer of Code.

In order to reach a broad developer audience, I teamed up with Danny Allen of the KDE Commit-Digest. Danny is currently asking all KDE developers to complete/update their personal information for the Commit-Digest. Danny and I thought this is a good opportunity for asking you for feedback regarding your motivation and your experiences at KDE so far. Participants of the Commit-Digest survey will be forwarded automatically to this optional questionnaire.

You can find the Commit-Digest Survey (for people with KDE developer accounts) and my questionnaire at:


If you have any questions about this questionnaire or about my research, please do not hesitate to contact me directly (andreas.schilling[at]uni-bamberg.de).

Best regards,

Andreas Schilling



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A very interesting video about the negative effects of co-located teamwork. I highly recommend watching it. After the video you may think differently about your own teamworking experiences.

13 1 / 2012

HICSS 2012

I had a great start into 2012. The year started for me with attending to the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) which has been held between 4-7 January in Maui, Hawaii. HICSS is one of the highest ranked conferences on Information Systems. I was very happy when I received the email that the research paper that I wrote in cooperation with Sven Laumer and Tim Weitzel has been accepted for this prestigious conference. Our research paper with the title “Who will remain – an evaluation of Person-Job and Person-Team fit to predict Developer Retention in FLOSS projects”. This research paper practically evaluates the two concepts Person-Job and Person-Team fit from the organizational literature and practically evaluates them for predicting sustained participation of FLOSS developers. I presented our research results on Saturday 7. January at 1:00 pm at the Grand Wailea in Maui.

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Change is coming!

As we approach a new year I could not resist to reflect critically about the activity of this blog during the last year. I am very glad that I made considerable progress with my research during 2011. In retrospect, however, I have to admit that I focused nearly exclusively the last half of 2011 on my research work and on submitting research articles into review so that I totally forgot to provide you with new blog articles. I am sorry that there has been no activity on this blog for a long time. I really care about this blog. One of the main resolutions I have for 2012 is to publish blog articles periodically. At the moment, I will target to publish one blog article per month.

Another change that I intend to realize regards the topics of the articles. To date this blog announces primarily important conferences at which I will present my research work and protocols the experiences I made at the events. While I will not make any change to this practice, I intend to extend the topics of the articles. The feedback I received from some readers so far, suggests that many of you are interested in the daily routines and tools that I use to conduct my research (e.g.: How I organize my literature and structure relevant knowledge). Is this correct? Please do not hesitate in contacting me, I really appreciate every feedback.

Finally, I wish all of you the best for 2012! Thank you for your interest


18 12 / 2011

ICIS 2011

This year the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) took place in Shanghai, China. The ICIS is the most prestigious and valued annual conference in the IS discipline. I was extremely happy and felt very honored when I was informed that my very first publication about my research that I wrote together with Sven Laumer and Tim Weitzel has been accepted for this special conference. Our research paper is titled “Is the source strong with you – A fit perspective to predict sustained participation of FLOSS developers” and presents innovative ways to predict the retention behavior of newcomers to FLOSS projects based on their technical and social fit. I would be happy if I could catch your interest about my research, you can find the publication here in the AIS Library. Together with Sven and Tim I presented the insights of our research on Tuesday 6.. December 2011 between 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm in the Grand Ballroom of the International Convention Center in Shanghai.

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15 2 / 2011

Interview: Leslie Hawthorn

This is the beginning on an ongoing series of interviews which I will conduct with FLOSS-Experts about the need for social skills in open source development and the lessons learned from community management. My first interview guest was Leslie Hawthorn, with whom I spoke about her experiences at Google and the OSU Open Source Lab,  the social dynamics in open source communities and why so many developers want to have a pony. Leslie is currently employed as the Open Source Outreach Manager for the Open Source Lab of Oregon State University. Previously she worked for four years for Google as Community Manager for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. She also created the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, now known as Google Code-in. You can follow her via her blog or via Twitter

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1st Symposium for Ph.D. students of the Trimberg Research Academy [Update]

Between 14 - 16 February the Trimberg Research Academy (TRAC) will hold the first symposium for Ph.D. students at Bamberg University. On Monday 14 February at 2:30 pm I will give a talk about strategies how to effectively recruit and integrate new developers into FLOSS projects and present first results of my research. If you are interested in new ways how to get and keep developers for a FLOSS project I would like to cordially welcome you to my talk.

Further details about the symposium (in German) can be found here.

Update: I would like to thank all students and professors who came to my presentation about recruiting strategies for FLOSS projects and participated in the subsequent discussion. A special thanks goes to the TRAC Team which organized the symposium’s program. The workshops and talks during the last 3 days helped me a lot with my research. Thank you very much!


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What motivates us?

This is my favorite video reference about what drives us. Surprisingly many people still think that money is a good motivation for doing a job. In the following video the “Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce” (RSA) shows very intuitively that this is not the case and uncovers factors which really motivate us.

(Source: youtube.com)